In Milan, history meets modernity. Its contemporary soul is balanced with the past, thanks to its famous works of art and architecture, such as the Duomo di Milan, the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci and the Castello, which unite with its more glamorous soul made of aperitifs , exhibitions, boutiques and world-renowned international events such as the Salone del Mobile or Milan Fashion Weeks.
Milan naturally stands out among the cities that you have to explore at least once in your life!


Lisbon is unconventionally beautiful. Its graffiti-scarred pastel houses, its unbridled nightlife are reminiscent of Havana, its blue waters, its trams and its bridge evoke San Francisco, its chic boutiques and rehabilitated docks recall London, while the Alfama sports an air of medina North African.
Whether you are a fan of long walks in the city, a history buff or an inveterate party animal, going to Lisbon is always a good idea.