Casa Boma is looking for apartments, furnished or not, located in the center of big cities for a minimum of one year to meet the requirements of a demanding business and tourism customer.

Casa Boma surrounds itself with booking platforms, thus allowing it to guarantee an excellent occupation rate and to propose its products to an international corporate and tourist customer base.

Casa Boma becomes tenant of your apartment and takes care of your property. Entrust us with it, and get rid of all renting-related constraints




An important occupation rate on all our apartments allows us to guarantee a permanent rent payable by transfer every first of the month.


Thanks to a successful strategy and processes, we guarantee an important occupation rate on all our apartments.

The strong renting demand of our apartments comes from the fact that they are carefully decorated and furnished by our own interior designers.

From electricity and water bills, to internet subscriptions and your property’s maintenance, CASA BOMA takes care of everything !


CASA BOMA is the sole manager of your apartment’s state. For that, the technical flowing and maintenance of your apartment are taken care of by our technicians and professional maintenance agents, all employees of CASA BOMA.

A specific contact will insure the management of your property during the entire lease’s length.

To make sure our guests will treat your apartment as they would their own, we require a deposit from them in order to cover any possible risk.


We benefit from an insurance cover on all the properties we manage, as well as our entire team.

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